Young​Vision Festival 2020


Grow into Yourself – this year online


from 31st July to 5th August 2020 ONLINE


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for young people aged between 15 and 35 

You can find information on the current situation and how we deal with it below, see FAQ.


In connection with ourselves we can recognize our feelings and needs, this gives us access to our motivation and our abilities.

What happens when we are allowed to feel what moves us? When we are given space to perceive our needs and can trust our feelings? What drives every single one of us? What do we need to develop our individual potential?
At the festival we will be looking at how we can embody and contain, express and reflect our emotions.


Relationship means taking root in ourselves on the basis of security and trust.

When we are in relationship, we meet ourselves and our counterpart at the same time. What does transparent and non-violent communication change in our relationships? How can we create spaces in which we can be honest with each other? How can we create a relationship framework in which we can develop?
Relationships shape us in all areas of life, so it is an important part of the festival to dedicate ourselves to our patterns and dynamics.


The ability to network is our collective potential.

As an association, we are driven by the vision of a society in which we jointly create a conscious cooperation and space for open exchange. A togetherness whose foundation is our connection to our emotions and our ability to communicate.

What happens when we recognize the potential of each individual and give everyone the opportunity to contribute in a holistic way? Let’s find out together!

What a programme!

With these speakers and musical acts we will celebrate life!

from 31st July to 5th August 2020

Luna García Fernandez

Luna García Fernandez

Connect - Relate - Network

– what does that mean to me? Together with you, I will explore and feel these three aspects of life. How do I learn to connect with myself, my opposite and the world? What does it actually mean to relate and how do I really connect? These are questions I ask myself again and again and to which I have found some answers for myself in the course of my work with young people, and especially with myself. I would like to share these with you and find new answers together with you. And above all I would like to create a space for authenticity, honesty and togetherness with you. I am very much looking forward to the YoungVision Festival 2020 – with you.

Tobias Konermann

Tobias Konermann

Transparent Communication

Transparent communication according to Thomas Hübl is the art of
Relatedness, moment to moment, in every encounter. How does deep
seeing and beeing seen in contact take place? What effect does it have when
we either „talk about something,“ or „from experience“?

In this workshop, we will explore basic principles of contact,
authenticity and intuitive perception. As a rule
we underestimate how much we hear from each other, beyond
words. In the workshop we will focus on the spectrum of communication,
which remains mostly hidden in our everyday life and expand our senses
into subtle-energetic perception. The understanding of
transparent communication conveys how sensitivity and clarity
are not in contradiction to each other, but on the contrary, affirm and strengthen each other.

Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl

Intelligence of relationship

Our world consists of relationships. They give it beauty, love and truth. Injured relationships create pain, trauma and separation. In our lives we have the choice of what world we want to build together – a world of separation or a world of unification, compassion and love. But to do this, we must face the past, dedicate ourselves to what is true within us, and also learn how to create a network of relationships that demands the progress and development of ourselves, the people around us and the world.

Relationship is the water in which we live – let us shape it in such a way that all people can live in it healthily.

Gary Joplin

Gary Joplin

Body-Mind Awakening

The Body-Mind Awakening Training with Gary Joplin is a way to deepen the body-mind connection, a daily invitation to open the body both physically and energetically. Flowing, harmonious sequences of movements are combined in a playful way, allowing the body to be more grounded and stretched at the same time.

This work is primarily based on the principles of Gyrokinesis® and also includes knowledge of Yoga, Feldenkrais and various dance forms. This sequence is an excellent preparation for the morning meditation and the day, because it not only awakens the body, but also brings more awareness into the subtle body and lets the mind become focused and still. Participants then experience themselves more grounded and alive, with newfound ease and physical expansion.

Daniel Remigius Auf der Mauer

Daniel Remigius Auf der Mauer

Conflict - Transformation

What shows itself as a ‚conflict‘ in our lives is the natural reaction of a connected and intelligent organic system. Conflict brings into consciousness areas of injury, contraction and inner retreat that need your attention. Conflict is an invitation from life itself to slow down and reconnect in deeper clarity and intimacy.

Conflict transformation is a practical, embodied skill. In my work you will learn to first take care of yourself in conflict situations and then, in a second step, to be there for others. This order is often reversed, which makes conflicts so exhausting. You learn to breathe in tense situations and to stay present with what is happening in and around you. In this way you bring lasting transformation into your environment.

Sophie Kinkel

Sophie Kinkel

unique and connected

I love it when people and nature are at their best and the impossible becomes possible.
For me, the body is a wonderful and magical access point for transformation, perception and our potential. We will increase the perception for the body and thus open up spaces of experience of free flowing energy and connectedness.

Anne Rheinländer

Anne Rheinländer

Let’s Dance!

I love to dance. It is one of the greatest joys and passions in my life. Whether dancing is sexy, funny or quiet, it invigorates my body as a whole.
And dancing for me means connection: Dancing together to a song, learning movements, inspiring each other to new moves, creating choreographies together and having fun.
So let’s dance baby!



live in concert

We are NURI – a group of friends and musicians who have been together with different projects for a long time. With our new project we would like to take the liberty to combine several genres that we appreciate and share impressions that move and touch us.
It is important to us to tell profound stories as well as to express energy and lightness.
The music we make could best be described as a mixture of rock, pop and electronic influences.
Our first EP called „Home“ will be released on 26.6.20 on all streaming and online services, if you want to listen to it.
We are really looking forward to our very first gig ever as NURI at the YoungVision Online Festival.

See you soon, Jonny, Karina, Jannik, Mitzi ❤️



miomorph - a sunday in august

mio that’s me, i’m you. we morph.
we are a creative collective from berlin and want to give artists the possibility to take their individual artistic form and live it out.
for the youngvision festival we will give you a feast for your eyes and ears via the internet. on sunday in august we will morph with you. deep basses, soft melodies and crass deco shit will invite you to move your body mindfully or just to listen. above all to enjoy.



your travel companions

The YoungVision Festival is your journey. And if you are looking for company on the way, we are there for you. As a team of assistants we support you with mindfulness and our experience in your processes.



Your space #co-creation

We invite you to help shape our programme. There will be an Open Stage again this year, where you can show and present yourself in your own way. We are already looking forward to the variety of beauty that will be shown to us.
We invite you to always share your ideas with us and to contribute with your knowledge and impulses.

Our vision of a new culture &
Everyday life at the festival


The moment we live a common vision, community is created. Ours is authentic, honest and alive – a space to discover and develop your potential.


From an egocentric to an we-centered culture. If we support each other in our vision, we experience the movement of the young generation for the change of this world.

#face to face

When I listen to you – when I am honest with you – when I see you and give you the opportunity to see me – then relationship takes place. The YoungVision Festival opens spaces for mindfulness, communication and self-awareness.

#drugs free also online

Drugs and alcohol free zone during the whole festival time? I’m sorry, what? Yes, exactly! Why? Because we want to create a clear togetherness and our experience has shown that this makes the most sense without drugs for the kind of encounter like YoungVision. #treatyourselfdrugsfree #simply try it out

#donate #grant a wish


In communication we carry our being into the world, set boundaries and check our inner truth for similarities and differences with others. Keywords: non-violent and transparent.

#Conflict resolution

Our team of assistants and experienced trainers invites you to recognize conflicts in depth. In this way, they no longer stand in your way – but in the service of your growth.

#Self experience

Grow into yourself: not only the motto of the festival – but also our compass needle since the beginning. Be real, surprise yourself and maybe even discover yourself in a new way.


How often do we have time to pause and listen in everyday life? What does that do to me? What feels good? What does not – and why? And: What do I actually want to hide from?
There is room for all these questions – and not only in silence.

The Festival core team

Anne Rheinländer

4 years ago I got to know and love the festival as a participant. Now I am part of the core team in the second year. #whatajourney – Structure is a very big passion in my life, which fits great to my tasks in the core team. #structureissexy. I love helping to shape the festival, having an overview, organizing and structuring, and preparing the festival time so that all young people can have an awesome time. What are my tasks? – I provide support by mail if you have questions. I am also the contact person for our teams and I put a lot of time and love into mail-newsletters.
I am looking forward to seeing you at the YoungVision Festival!

Lukas Schmid

Ever since I discovered the YoungVision Festival, it has been one of the highlights of my year. That is why I am helping to put it online this year. And I can assure you: We have already come up with some pretty cool things, so that the festival feeling is also created online ✨

Kira Jobes

Since the YoungVision Association has accompanied me for many years, I have been helping to shape the festival as part of the core team since 2019. For me the festival is a place where we come together to love each other in our wildest liveliness, to give each other our deepest truth and unfiltered expression, to meet each other and together become who we have always been. To create and make such spaces possible fills me with gratitude and makes sense in every cell of my body. This year, I am mainly responsible for the programme and the contact to speakers and teams.

Franka Müller

The festival is a place of growing within and beyond itself. This is what I wish for myself and this world and how we should look at the challenges of the 21st century. I am 21 and I am studying special education as a teacher. I work in a children’s and youth theatre and am a board member of YoungVision e.V. The festival’s vision of an authentic, honest and transparent togetherness allows me to look hopefully into the future and the exploration of myself gives me tools to contribute to progress and transformation. In all the chaos and disorientation, there is a chance to come back to myself, to start with myself again, to dare to show this and to take a step out into the world.

Marie Immel

When I heard about the YoungVision Festival, I wanted to be part of it. The idea of a place where I can have authentic encounters and have the chance to connect honestly with others, to play, to learn, has triggered euphoria in me. That’s why I applied for the internship in the core team and get the chance to look behind the scenes. This gives me the opportunity to work together on projects, to create and design spaces, to find out how I want to live in communities and how I can help shape them.
The fact that the festival is taking place online this year makes for a pretty creative component, so we have come up with some awesome ideas. I am looking forward to it!

Voices from the Festival

At the festival I can try myself out. As a person, as a conversation partner, as a co-creator. I feel safe in the group, but at the same time I can learn to draw my own boundaries. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am someone else at the festival. Somehow more accessible, physically more approachable than usual. I laugh more and cry more. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it is too much, mostly it makes me grow. The people inspire me. So many ideas come together here, so much creativity. It gives me hope for all of us.

– Helge

In 2019 I was at the YoungVision Festival for the first time. When I look back on the last half year, the festival has triggered a movement in me, in which I learn to trust myself and to be more honest in contact. I felt safe. I was given confidence in me from the outside. I had room to be there with everything. This set free an incredible amount of energy in me, which became a new driving force, the courage to face my fears and inhibitions.

– Mette


Young Vision – The change is now. I couldn’t really imagine anything like that. A friend had „recruited“ me and I followed his enthusiasm for the festival. First of all, let’s see what happens. And to make a long story short, it was a lot. After one day I already felt part of the project, carried by intensive conversations, laughing, crying, dancing, cuddling and great food. I found friends and broadened the view of my life. Young Vision – The change truly is now.

– Lukas

Encounter, movement, being touched.
For me, the festival is a place where I can meet myself and many other great people in an honest and authentic way. On site I feel supported to consciously perceive my needs, wishes and fears and to bring them into exchange. For me, the special feature of the festival is the balance between a lovingly designed programme and the space for exchange and experimentation. The love and time that is put into this festival touches me very much, as do the many warm hugs from the other participants.

– Esther


The YoungVision Festival came at exactly the right time for me and has been accompanying me for several years. I am grateful for the space in which I could experience myself in different ways, which I miss in my everyday life. I am grateful for the open contact and I am very grateful to all the people who make these experiences possible again and again and make the YoungVision projects so beautiful.

– Ida


For me, the Young Vision Festival is a place where new encounters can take place. It is a place full of freedom and security. Especially for the beginning it is overwhelming how many new impressions this space can offer. Over time, my trust in the group has grown, so that I was able to let go completely and enter into an exchange that I had never known before. Getting to know yourself better and staying in touch with yourself enriches you and your friends even more. This togetherness opens a new world full of lived emotions, unity and shared peace.

– Paul

„Permeability. Let everything flow through me. Absorb the energy of the earth and let all that is depressed, heavy or sad flow upwards. Out. The wind carries it away… taking in light and dancing for what I love – me.“

These words in my diary from the festival describe a wonderful moment that made me realize I had arrived. The unbelievably beautiful, intense time of preoccupation with myself and others doing the same has totally baffled me. I am deeply touched by the energy of this group through which healing occurs.

– Magdalena


For me YoungVision is a place where I can find myself again and again in a very loving and gentle way, together with other wonderful young people. My life could take on dimensions that I could only have dreamed of before. I am incredibly grateful that this association exists and I can recommend it to anyone who is curious and wants to think outside the box, to drop by at one of the meetings or at the festival!

– Sylvia

The festival is a place for me to immerse myself. Diving (or at least taking a footbath) into a sea of energies, feelings and relationships around me and within me. There I can be good for myself, but it is also a wonderful and mindful place to play together. It is great fun and I can learn so much.
When I think of the festival, I have friends in front of my eyes, beautiful memories in my head, a smile on my face and warmth in my chest.
– Mario

What??? I can also book just one day?

Exactly! You can do it.

Why an online festival in the summer? Yes, we know summer is nice and everything, but did you check out the Timetable?

We’ll give you a room for:
exchange, meditation, togetherness, meeting, reflection, introspection, processing of world events

I can’t. I don’t have much money.

No problem for us!
– the first day of the festival is free, no money necessary, just like that on the hand, costs nothing, no money, no dinero –

And if you want to be around longer after that,
one day costs you 22 € – 35 € – you decide what you want to give.

Sign up directly.
We are looking forward to you.



from 31st July to 5th August 2020




Treat yourself to five days of participation in the YoungVision online Festival 2020. You can choose any amount from 90€ to 140€ that you feel is appropriate.

Friday for free

You can have the whole Friday for free. Just check it out and see for yourself how the festival feels like.
We look forward to seeing you.

Day ticket 

Also bookable for several days. Choose the days you want to be there. You can choose the price of your day-ticket between 22€ and 35€.

Any more questions?


Before the Festival

A little Hello from our Core Team (Engl sub)


Corona - what impact will the situation have on the 2020 festival?

The Corona situation has not passed us by either. We have thought a lot about it and we have the following solution:

This year the festival will take place from 31.07. to 05.08.2020 ONLINE.

We are looking forward to this new adventure and to everyone who will join us on this exciting journey.

You will get your ticket for the physical event 100% refunded if you don’t want to participate in the online event.

What do I do if I want to come to the festival but have school/university at this time?

You want to come and have school/university?

We have the solution for you!

Just send us a short e-mail with your first and last name and your address to

We will send you a certificate of participation in a further education in the field of communication and conflict training.

That works?

So far we have been able to give many people the opportunity to come to the festival by sending them a certificate of participation.

What do I need for the Festival?

Please read the disclaimer and the declaration of consent for the image and sound rights and send us a signed copy as an email before the festival. With your participation at the online-festival, you agree to both.

If you are a minor, it is important to have a parent or legal guardian sign and send it to us as a photo or scan via e-mail.

„Packing List“

-Computer, mobile phone or tablet
-Zoom account
-Telegram for technical support
-Candle if you want to
-Meditation pillow/ pad
-Music and Instruments
-Yoga mat

We suggest that you create a beautiful environment where you feel comfortable and have your peace and quiet for the duration of the festival.

And everything else you can think of and need 🙂

Where will the festival take place?

This year the festival takes place online due to the current regulations. Together we will go on a five-day journey of connecting, relating and networking. We are very much looking forward to this new adventure with you.


What is the cost of the ticket? What does it contain?

You decide. Between 90€ and 140€ you can set your festival price.

The festival ticket – What does it contain?

A big surprise that will reach you unexpectedly.

-daily workshops and a varied programme with wonderful speakers

-Technical support

-the festival is accompanied by a team of experienced coaches, psychologists, trainers and other assistants and is there for you when you need support. You can also book sessions with them.

-many more surprises and lots of love

That is 18€ to 28€ Euro per day for workshops, program, technical  paraphernalia, as well as a qualified support of your processes.

Why is the ticket so cheap?

Since January, 15 people have been involved in the organisation of the festival and have put countless volunteer hours and a lot of love into the preparation.

Another 10 people are busy with the technical setup, who also invest volunteer hours and just as much love.

These and many more people put a lot of work and free time into the realization of the festival, so that it will be an unforgettable experience for us and so that we can keep the costs as low as possible, so that many young people can afford the ticket.

How do I get a discount on my ticket?

Very easy! You can take on tasks at the festival. Here are the job offers:

Currently (as of 03.06.2020) we are still looking for:

– one person for the technical team

– several persons for the German/English translation.

more information on request. 🙂

Can I make donations for the Festival?

Absolutely. If you pay more than your ticket costs, you support someone who can’t quite afford the festival ticket.

During the Festival

What happens if I use drugs/alcohol at the festival?

Our regulations also apply to the ONLINE-Festival

Those who use drugs must leave the festival. We make no exceptions here. If you are a minor, we are also obliged to inform your legal guardians about the consumption.

If you notice that you want to use drugs during the festival, you can always go to an assistant who will accompany you and take a close look at why you feel the need at that particular moment.

You ask yourself: Why no drugs and no alcohol?

At the festival we achieve a high level of intensity through meditation, self-reflection and self-awareness.

It can happen that if drugs or alcohol are consumed in an expanded state of consciousness, the psyche does not cooperate and in the worst case a psychosis can be triggered. Furthermore, we cannot say how the individual person reacts to drugs or alcohol.

We also want to give you the opportunity to enjoy 5 days of festival with all your clear senses.

When does the Festival start?

The (virtual) gates will open for you on 31.07.2020 at 15.30.


Can I also come online outside the regular hours

You can always check when you want to be online and when it is not convenient for you and you need a break.

We will let you know in time which workshops you can join later and which ones make sense to join from the beginning.

You are completely free to arrange your festival time.

How does the daily routine/schedule look like?

09.15 to 09.45 Movement or meditation

09.45 to 10.30 Breakfast

10.30 to 13.30 Start of the programme in the ‚big tent

13.30 to 15.30 Lunch

15.30 to 16.00 Movement

16.00 to 19.00 Workshop time

19.00 to 20.15 Evening break

from 20.15  evening programme

What is a session?

A session gives you the opportunity to share your personal processes, thoughts and feelings triggered at the festival with an assistant. These assistants will accompany you with mindfulness and their individual knowledge during your processes.

1 session is 30 minutes = 5 – 10 € donation recommendation.

The assistants can keep these at the end or donate them to YoungVision.

How do I get a session?

Step 1: I decide on an assistant

Step 2: I think about what I want to pay

Step 3: I get a ticket

Step 4: I go with my ticket to my assistant and make an appointment

Step 5: I enjoy my session

What do I do in an emotional emergency?

Step 1: I immediately approach an assistant.

All further steps are omitted 😉

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