Our COVID-19 concept

Everything is now – so is Corona. We as a festival team have considered the situation for a long time and finally came to the decision to let the festival take place despite the current pandemic situation. After there was no live festival last year due to the many restrictions, this year we want to try in this still difficult situation to create a unique YoungVision Festival in real life for you.

In close cooperation with the local authorities, we are still in the process of developing an up-to-date hygiene concept. Of course, we cannot look into the future and have no control over how the Corona cases will develop in the coming months. Here are our current most important regulations, when and how the YoungVision Festival 2021 can take place:

The festival will take place with a 7-day incidence of less than 35.

Important: Here we are dependent on the incidence/Corona case rate of the district of Bautzen, where the festival will take place, and on the measures set there in August. If the case rate in August is still above 35 and there is a permanent indoor mask requirement, the festival will not take place as a live event. This can still be determined up to two weeks before the Festival. In case of cancellation due to Corona, you will be refunded the full ticket price.

Distance rule of 1.5 meters on the festival area

Now, at the latest, you will surely ask yourself: "What am I supposed to do at the YoungVision Festival, if I have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters to every other person?"

Currently we have found a way that closer contact between the festival participants can take place. There will be a contact diary for each participant. Here, each person should record with whom they had physical contact during the day. This will allow us to easily and safely trace possible chains of infection. However, the number of people you have close contact with should exceed 15 people per day.

However, if the 7-day incidence in Bautzen remains below 10, there will be no contact restrictions during the festival.

Negative test result/ proof of vaccination

Each participant can only enter the festival area with a written confirmation of a negative antigen rapid test, which must not be older than 24 hours. This can be done free of charge in various Corona test centers and pharmacies. If you are already fully vaccinated, please bring the original and a copy of your vaccination certificate.


Nevertheless, indoors as well as when several people accumulate, it will be obligatory to observe the distance rules as well as to wear a medical mouth-nose covering, if necessary, for example when food is served. If the 7-day incidence is less than 10, there will be no contact restrictions.

Days before the festival

By ordering a ticket, you agree that you will not travel internationally or to highly affected areas for 14 days prior to the festival. Furthermore, you are asked to have no physical contact and interact only with a mask on while arriving and waiting for entry.

This guideline is a snapshot from March 2021, which can of course still change until August. We will keep you updated accordingly, should there be any news or changes.

Even if the situation seems difficult right now, we remain optimistic and do our best to make a wonderfully unique festival happen in the YoungVision spirit.

Only if you agree to these measures and will abide by them you will be allowed to buy a ticket.
If you violate them on site, we will send you home without refund.

You will sign a liability waiver on site.

Write us a mail if you have any questions