Everything is Now

Programme 2021

Endlich wieder gemeinsam zusammenkommen, nach einer Zeit in der so viel passiert ist! Alles was dich bewegt soll dieses Jahr Raum finden. Zehn Tage voller Workshops, Kunst, Musik, Bewegung, Meditation, Begegnungen und viel Freiraum. Was aktuell schon feststeht findest du hier.


  • Luna García Fernandez - die Initiatorin des Festivals

    ...accompanies you with ease through all depths during the festival

    Passion, empathy and years of experience in working with young people allow me to accompany you individually, supporting you to take new perspectives and, if desired, to deal more deeply with certain areas of your life. United within myself I see the very real experience of being human and the challenges that this brings, coupled with mysticism. Most of the time, I just express whatever comes to me and accompany you with humor, the necessary seriousness, respect and love. I love to look at things in depth with ease and laugh at my own processes and thought patterns, as well as to cry, to be angry or just feel nothing at all. My podcast title "This and that Authentically - let's feel into it" describes me very well and I am happy to be able to accompany you on the festival. Everything is now - you too!

  • Tobias Konermann

    Everything is Now - but not everything is Here: What we are lacking, what we imagine and what we are capable of

    Our life and our experience are essentially determined by three basic forces: unresolved past, idealizations about the future, and actual potential in the here and now. The workshop deals with the importance and decisiveness of these three motivational fields in our personal lives. How do I know if I am feeling an impulse to change because I am trying to run away from my present and when does something new really want to come into the world through me? How do I know when it is worthwhile to stop and let go of goals and desires because they are not in harmony with the whole? Let's find out.

  • Jacomo Fritzsche

    Radical Self-Love - The Art of Accepting Yourself as You Are

    In a world full of glossy Instagram photos and seemingly spectacular Snapchat stories, the temptation to compare yourself to other people's staged snapshots is greater than ever. It's time to stop doing that. Because you are a unique human being, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Once you learn to accept yourself exactly as you are through a mindful attitude, you begin to discover your true power and new resources. In this workshop we will explore together why the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. And what feelings and needs have to do with it and why a loving and benevolent attitude towards yourself has the potential to fundamentally improve your relationships and the world.

  • Verena Ott

    The best time to think and act critically about racism is... NOW!

    Racist police violence, BlackLivesMatter demos, Hanau, everyday racism... Since last year racism is suddenly (?) omnipresent and visible. We want to go into depth in the workshop: What does racism have to do with me? Where does racism shape me in my everyday life? How can I recognize and unlearn racism? How can I take responsibility? It is about racism as a structural (= deeply rooted in society) problem. We first deal with a current definition of racism and relevant terms. We will also discuss the concept of "allyship" (white allyship) and what concrete actions could make you one. Verena is a cultural scientist and has been working in political education since 2015 with a focus on anti-racism, diversity and migration society as well as women*empowerment.

  • Kira Jobes


    Playfight (Tangi Lineage) is a playful space of exploration that invites us to arrive, feel, enjoy and fully inhabit our bodies. It is a safe space to approach contact and encounter in a very direct, playful way, supporting each other to get in touch with and embody our inner power. With loving attention we explore how we want to move in the dance between closeness and distance, connectedness and autonomy, and which qualities of encounter are making me curious and feel nourishing. In Playfight we can awaken the quality and power of play within us and rediscover it as a resource and source of our life energy. Let us listen together to the aliveness within us and allow it to find its own individual expression through us.

  • Jonas und Joseph

    "Who are you and what du you want?"

    One evening - one question. Jonas and Joseph will accompany you on a contemplative journey from the obvious to the hidden. Curious and cautious, we approach as a group the essence of our being and striving in the world. Jonas is a project leader, Joseph a budding psychologist. Together they are doing the TWT with Thomas Hübl and are accompanying the festival organization this year.