Everything is Now

Programme 2021

Endlich wieder gemeinsam zusammenkommen, nach einer Zeit in der so viel passiert ist! Alles was dich bewegt soll dieses Jahr Raum finden. Zehn Tage voller Workshops, Kunst, Musik, Bewegung, Meditation, Begegnungen und viel Freiraum. Was aktuell schon feststeht findest du hier.



  • Luna García Fernandez

    ...accompanies you with ease through all depths during the festival

    So everything is now. Also my feelings and needs? What are my feelings and needs right now? How do I actually perceive them? What does it mean for me to be authentic? What do I want from my counterpart? Who am I, who are you?

    Let's look and feel together!

    Passion, empathy and years of experience in working with young people allow me to accompany you individually and support you to take on new perspectives and, if you wish, to deal more deeply with certain areas of your life.

    In my work I see the very concrete human being and the challenges associated with it as well as mysticism. I accompany you in your personal challenges with humour, the necessary seriousness, respect and love. I love to look at things in depth with lightness and to laugh, cry, be angry or simply feel nothing at all about my own stuff and thought patterns.

    My podcast title "Dies Das Authentisch - lass da reinspüren" describes me quite well. If you want to get a taste of what I'm talking about - listen to it! I look forward to accompanying you at the festival.

    Everything is now - you too! Yours, Luna, the initiator of the festival.

  • Tobias Konermann

    Everything is Now - but not Everything is Here: What we are lacking, what we believe and who we can be

    This workshop offers a first insight into the conscious and unconscious levels of our wanting. We explore what our wanting gives us, where it misguides us and what it means to take responsibility for ourselves. When we follow our will, it leads us directly to our wounds, our wishful thinking but also to our actual potential. Being able to recognise what it is in us that wants something is literally crucial for our lives. In my work as a psychotherapist and trainer, I encounter these principles in every process of change, whether it is learning new skills or integrating traumatic experiences. So how can I sense if I want to change my life because I might be running from something? When is the future version of myself actually calling me? And how can I tell when it is worth stopping and letting go of my desires because they are not in harmony with the whole? Let's find out.

    Tobias is a psychological psychotherapist and counsellor. He works as a lecturer and self-awareness facilitator in various training institutes/seminars and has supported Thomas Hübl's Timeless Wisdom Trainings as a mentor for many years. Tobias is passionate about researching principles of process-oriented therapy and is part of the NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model ™) training team in Brussels and Cologne.

  • Jacomo Fritzsche

    Radical Self-Love - The Art of Accepting Yourself as You Are

    In a world full of glossy Instagram photos and seemingly spectacular Snapchat stories, the temptation to compare yourself to other people's staged snapshots is greater than ever. It's time to stop doing that. Because you are a unique human being, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Once you learn to accept yourself exactly as you are through a mindful attitude, you begin to discover your true power and new resources. In this workshop we will explore together why the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. And what feelings and needs have to do with it and why a loving and benevolent attitude towards yourself has the potential to fundamentally improve your relationships and the world.

    As a trainer for mindfulness and stress management, Jacomo has been accompanying people on their way through life's ups and downs for more than a decade. Whether sleeping on a stone floor in a Buddhist monastery or as a practice partner of the Technical University of Berlin - what motivates him is his longing for authenticity and connection.

  • Susanne Willkommen

    Your call in this world as a path to yourself

    Arriving at yourself, at your own rhythm and pace - this gives you the ground to follow your call and do what you are passionate about.

    In the workshop we explore how you are and what you are here for now - what really makes sense for you. We will look at the question of what supports you and what stands in the way of you being yourself and going your very own way. For this we use the latest findings of developmental researchers and engage in experiential exercises. You are very welcome to join!

    Since a deep self-experience at the age of 13, Susanne has been exploring what she is here for, continuing to learn to really stay present with herself. And she has been loving to support others in meeting themselves as well - young people especially. Here, not only her knowledge as a coach, therapist and mother is demanded, but also her ability to relate: "Everything is Now" shows itself in the encounter of past and future, therefore also of the older and younger generation.

  • Melina Geitz & Rina Nowak

    Soft steps into sensation - Introduction to "Sensing the Change"

    Sensing the Change is a movement that is researching the realization that change will not only happen by thinking, but needs a connection to feeling and perceiving. It is an association of people who are dedicated to the development of consciousness and to (finding) a regenerative culture based on our bodies. And who ask themselves the question whether our greatest political power could be inherent in the sensual, pleasurable and playful?

    In our workshop we want to enable the participants in the form of various exercises and exchange rounds to practically feel into the basic elements of Sensing the Change, to come into research, where a body-rooted social change can be (more) integrated in their own everyday life and what it takes for this.

    The workshop is facilitated by Rina (freelance trainer and consultant) and Melina (freelance dancer and educator).

    For more information on Sensing the Change, please visit our website https://sensingthechange.com/ and on the question of where we are right now as a society, please have a look at Heike Pourian's lecture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLC6BaTrMrU.

  • Verena Ott & Tal Peer

    The best time to think and act critically about racism is... NOW!

    parallel workshop

    Racist police violence, BlackLivesMatter demos, Hanau, everyday racism... Since last year racism is suddenly (?) omnipresent and visible.

    We want to go into depth in the workshop: What does racism have to do with me? Where does racism shape me in my everyday life? How can I recognize and unlearn racism? How can I take responsibility?

    It is about racism as a structural (= deeply rooted in society) problem. We first deal with a current definition of racism and relevant terms. We will also discuss the concept of "allyship" (white allyship) and what concrete actions could make you one.

    Verena is a cultural scientist and has been working in political education since 2015 with a focus on anti-racism, diversity and migration society as well as women*empowerment.

  • Kira Jobes



    Playfight (Tangi Lineage) is a playful research space that invites us to arrive in our bodies, to feel them and to inhabit them completely. With loving attention, we explore how we want to move in dance between closeness and distance, connectedness and autonomy, and which qualities of encounter make us curious and nourish us right now. Playfight is an invitation to stand in the world with all our strength. By awakening the quality of play within us, we can rediscover it as a resource and source of our life energy. Let us listen together to the aliveness within us and allow it to find its own individual expression through us.

    Kira is a passionate explorer of the human condition and loves it when quiet seriousness and lively play are allowed to come together. She has completed a Playfight training with Matteo Tangi in France and is currently doing a Transformative Bodywork training (somatic coaching) with Sophie Kinkel.

  • Mira Klepfer

    Embodied Ecology

    parallel workshop

    We go on a journey together for 3 hours through the deep ecological spiral according to Joanna Macy. We explore and honour feelings of deep gratitude for life as well as our pain about the state of the earth. We look at the world from a different perspective and nourish and strengthen ourselves to be able to act in favor of life. In this process, we go through various exercises - with and without music, individually and in groups - that help us to get in touch with ourselves, with other people and with our planet.

    Mira studied health education and is currently completing the annual training in embodied ecology. She is currently working on the topics of (consciousness) change, deep ecology, systhem theory and community building. Dance and bodywork are a great way for her to express and facilitate mental processes.

  • Joseph Ronicke & Jonas Bulik

    "Who are you and what du you want?"

    parallel workshop

    Jonas and Joseph will accompany you on a contemplative journey from the obvious to the hidden. Curious and cautious, we approach as a group the essence of our being and striving in the world. Jonas is a project leader, Joseph a budding psychologist. Together they are doing the TWT with Thomas Hübl and are accompanying the festival organization this year.

  • Leonie Fromme

    Inner Frame - body alignment and improvisation for festival dancers

    parallel workshop

    How can dance and movement support us in our development? The workshop gives an insight into the movement approaches of body alignment, improvisation and contemporary dance. We play with irritating and reshaping stuck movement patterns, thought structures and physical tensions with the help of movement exercises.

    In improvisation there is no daily routine and no fixed roles. You invent and compose yourself and your behaviour in every moment, in every dance. You deal with yourself, the others and your environment and are present in the here and now. Maybe like the concept of a festival: letting go, having fun, a bit of freedom. What we need for this: a spontaneously forming collective of people, fun, physical engagement, a desire to make and the willingness to sweat a little.

    Leo is a trained dancer. She started moving creatively at an early age, first in the circus world and later in hip hop contemporary dance. Today, she combines the different approaches and styles.

  • Felix Arendt

    SomaticsLab: Movement Exploration

    parallel workshop

    We experience and recognise the world with and through our bodies. At the same time, our bodies are not something isolated, but are inseparably linked with others, the environment and the society in which we live. This is where somatic work as a transformative practice can start: In the workshop, I invite participants to get moving together and go on a journey of discovery of their own embodied self. The focus is on applied self-care, mindful-sensing and dance movement exploration and the sensual experience of contact in togetherness and play.

    SomaticsLab is a research space, a processual practice and a collective of people working at the intersection of sustainable personal development and social transformation. In it, learning spaces for self-knowledge and resilience building are created, combined with movement, philosophy and nature experience. The focus is on growing understanding and inhabiting one's own physicality.

    Felix is a movement researcher and coach as well as a freelance philosopher. He is co-founder and part of the team of SomaticsLab in Dresden. For more information, please visit: www.somaticslab.org

Music, Art & Co.

  • Aaron Kay alias DJ Nowbody (Aruna Events)

    Ecstatic Dance



  • Anna-Maria Besold

    guided Thai Massage

  • Vision


  • DJ Hannes Hansen


  • DJane Annefraid