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Construction heroes

4 needed

You want to get as much festival atmosphere as possible and you want to turn the site into a unique festival area? You want to do something with your hands, to tackle and to express your creative streak? Then become part of the YoungVision festival 2021 construction team! We will create a festival oasis from August 9 to 13 and we need your support. There will be tasks like decorating the whole site, making signs, setting up the sanitary facilities, catering for the team and much more. We are looking forward to you! Please tell us if you bring any special skills like painting or carpentry. You can choose between helping the full 4 days or just 2 days.

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60 € for 4 days, 30 € for 2 days discount


1 needed

You want to stroll around the festival with your camera and capture all the beautiful people, the vibe and the impressions and make a selection of pictures after the festival. You have experience with photography and an eye for details. You are in a two person team where you can take turns so that both of you can participate in the program.

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130 €


1 needed

Can you do a really good cartwheel? Show us and get a discount on your ticket for it. At least 1 cartwheel every 30 minutes is expected of you.

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a kiss

Open questions?

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How do I get my ticket discount?
If you are interested and would like to do a job at the festival, please send us an email to mail to with the following information: Who you are, what job you would like to do and if necessary additional information, such as the festival half as a kitchen helper. We will then contact you with a detailed info-mail and confirm your commited acceptance.
Who is my contact person at the festival?
There will be one person from the team who will be available for you at the festival to answer your questions. available for you at the festival. You will receive more information in a mail as soon as you apply for a job. for a job.
Who will do the jobs with me?
It's very different and remains exciting until the end,you will probably meet some new and old faces. In the kitchen you will be part of a team with our two awesome cooks and other festival participants.
How do I know when I have to work?
You will receive more information about the scope and working hours by mail when you have registered for a job. We will show you everything on site and will be there for you if you have any questions.
When can I participate in the program?
Whenever your job doesn't need you or you've already done it. When that is exactly depends on the job. You will receive more detailed information about this as soon as you send us an email with your interest in a job.
What if I am in a deep process and can't do the job at that moment?
We would like to be in contact with you and find a solution together. Talk to us the team or one of the assistants and together we will see what is needed in this situation.
How do I know which half of the festival I'm working?
For kitchen staff only. You write us which half you like to work and and we will confirm or get in contact with you, if enough people have already signed up for this for this time.