YOUNGVISION FESTIVAL 2021 - Everything is Now

13. - 22. August

Behind this beautiful backdrop, the festival team is preparing everything to invite you on a wonderful and moving 10-day journey. We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Shall we keep you posted with festivial news?

Your YoungVision Festival Team

Our Vision of a new culture

With each other

The moment we live a shared vision, community is created. Ours is authentic, honest and alive - a space to discover and develop your potential.


From a me-centric to a we-centric culture. As we support each other in our vision, we experience the movement of the younger generation for change in this world.


When I listen to you - when I am honest with you - when I see you and give you the opportunity to see me - relationship takes place. The YoungVision Festival opens spaces for mindfulness, communication and self-awareness.


In communication we carry our being into the world, set boundaries and check our inner truth for similarities and differences with others. Keyword: non-violent and transparent.

Everyday life on the festival


Drug and alcohol free zone during the entire festival? Yes, exactly! Why? Because we want to create a clear togetherness and our experience shows us that this makes the most sense without drugs for the kind of encounter we have at YoungVision.

Conflict Resolution

Our team of assistants and experienced trainers invites you to deeply recognize conflicts. So they no longer stand in your way - but in the service of your growth.


Grow into yourself: not only the motto of the festival - but also our compass needle since the beginning. Here you can be real, surprise yourself and maybe discover yourself all over again.


How often do we have time in our daily lives to pause and listen? What does this do to me? What feels good? What doesn't - and why? And how do I learn to perceive myself at all? There is room for all these questions here - and not only in silence.

At the festival, I can try myself out. As a person, as a conversation partner, as a co-creator. The people inspire me. So many ideas come together here, so much creativity.


The festival has sparked a movement in me to learn to trust myself and be more honest in my contact. [...] I had space to be there with everything. This has released an incredible amount of energy in me.


For me, the festival is a place where I can meet myself and many other great people honestly and authentically. On site I feel supported in consciously perceiving my needs, desires and fears and bringing them into an exchange.


For me, YoungVision is a place where I can find myself again and again in a very loving and gentle way, and this together with other wonderful young people.


The festival is for me a place for immersion (or at least footbathing) into a sea of energies, feelings and relationships around me and within me. There I can be good for myself, but it can also be quite wonderful and mindful play with each other. It is great fun.


Our sponsors

European Solidarity Corps